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Individual appointments with Daniela.

Very often, anxiety and stress hide the beauty of certain moments in life. Sophrology can help to decrease the power these aliments have over us and even stop them altogether.

It shows us that going through big changes such as births, retirements, moving house or changing of work can be positive and enriching. Sophrology also allows us to better bear the loss of a loved one or a long-term illness.

Sophrology is a human science which studies the conscience, develops personal capacities and respects existential values.

The time of a session is a moment for yourself. Precious and unique.

It is at least a relaxation and, at most, a door leading to your life, otherwise.

French, Portuguese and English as spoken languages.

To make an appointment or get more information, feel free to call, SMS or WhatsApp at the 079 3112920 or by email at