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Cours Téhima 1 Saturday a month

 Saturday 2nd of december!

Alphabet dance, méditation in motion.


December 2,  January 20, February 10, March 10, Frs 65.-/session



To register or enquire, contact:
Luigina Lamacchia au 076.411.97.25



Mum's circle with Karin Zurbrügg 25th of november, 10h-12h

THEME: Space, love and safe boundaries

It’s time to gather and be resourced!
Women’s circles are a sacred, safe
and nurturing space.
For mums, expecting mums and women wanting to conceive.
We come together in the circle, listening deeply, allowing ourselves to be moved, honouring each story without judgement, connecting with each other.
Karin, certified yoga teacher, will guide the circle once a month on this journey. Each month we invite you to explore a different theme
If you are a breastfeeding mum, your baby is of course welcome.

Time: 10h-12h
Price 30.- per circle
Please sign up to reserve your space. In english and french.


Awakening LOVE Atelier with Karin Zurbrügg

Saturday 25th of november


In these turbulent times and always, the only answer is love.

In these monthly workshops we are connecting with and cultivating our divine love within.

Inspired by "Embodied Flow Yoga™" and Meditations by Sally Kempton. Also; selfcare rituals, love recipes and sharing, connecting with each other! This workshop is a promise and commitment to a life long romance with the most important person, you! From your heart you can shine and share your love out and around.

In english and french.

Register your space!

  25.11.2017 13h30-16h30

Value: Frs. 65.00

About Karin Zurbrügg

Yoga is not about getting the perfect posture, its about being comfortable in your body, finding ease and grace on the mat and in life. The essence of my yoga practice: to love myself, and to radiate love to others.

When I discovered Yoga in 2004 it was a revelation, a home coming to my body, heart and soul. I felt a strong calling to share the gifts of this ancient practice. I transmit my passion since I became a registered yoga teacher in 2009. In 2013 I completed a further 100 hour training with Tara Judelle and in 2015 a module in “Embodied Flow™.” I am immensly inspired by this revolutionary school of yoga. It means feeling your body from the inside. As we give awareness to all parts of our body, it creates wellness and support. So practicing and being becomes more effortless. On this path of awakening, my aim is to let myself fully experience life, embrace all of my feelings, all of my parts. Through conditionings we sometimes believe that we need to “fix” ourselves, improve, etc. What if we are already completely perfect with our imperfections? What if we let go of all the “shoulds?” What if we just allow ourselves to be? Reconnect to our essence?