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Béatrice Engeli


Béatrice was a primary and secondary school teacher, and then Director of a public secondary school for 10 years. 

She followed her first classes in yoga and Hindu philosophy in an ashram in the South of India in the 1970s. 

Practicing yoga for many years, since 2005 she has been taking classes 2 or 3 times a week with Jessica and Philippe Magnin at O2 Yoga, Vich. She has followed many workshops, including around the 7 Chakras. She currently teaches beginners yoga, meditation, yoga for seniors and yoga nidra. 

In 2013-2014 she trained to become a yoga teacher as well as to lead Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Béatrice Schmidt in Lausanne.

For Béatrice, yoga is a non-exclusive philosophy where there is place for people of all belief systems, including various religious or humanist beliefs. Yoga proposes union or unity. The essence being the calming of mental agitation, and respect, peace and non-violence towards self and others.

Béatrice, originally from the Italian part of Switzerland, enjoys walking in silence in the mountains and meditative listening to music. She sings in a choir. She loves reading and supports students having difficulties at school. She speaks French, Italian, Spanish, English and some German.



She is the one who dreamed, a long time ago, of a place full of life, where people - small or tall, square or round, green or blue - would feel good and energized. Roundness, colors, softness, intensity, sounds and scents, silence and laughter, fluidity, honey and spices, openness, body, mind and soul, all are aligned.

One certainty: that the dream would unfold...perhaps!

Indeed, the dream was far too deep to be confined to the rigor of a plan. She wanted it to unfold, open to coincidences. So, Brigitte keeps doing what she likes, notably traveling for real and in her mind, having a keen interest in questions rather than answers, observing, telling stories, encountering radiant beauty and laughing. And then, one day, a big red house speaks to her. She replies. Elaneha is born.

Brigitte was born in Switzerland, daughter of the earth who loves the sea. She lived and studied in the States for a few years, came back to Switzerland and worked for a multinational, in marketing, leadership development amongst others. She travels often to Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Curious about life, she's interested in numerous and various domains. The silver thread? All is connected.

Karin Zurbrügg

Karin is heartily guiding the Elaneha yoga team and programs since October 2016. She’s a well known soul at Elaneha for many years.

Practicing yoga since 2004, Karin has been sharing her passion since she became a registered yoga teacher in 2009. Her teaching has evolved from Vinyasa to Embodied flow. Today, the spirit of all her classes is greatly inspired by her personal practice and continuous training to guide yogis to “come home” to their body and heart. Convinced of the wonderful healing qualities of ayurvedic medicine, Karin also enjoys providing personalized teaching in that domain as well as individualized yoga therapy sessions.


Karin is dedicated to support women through their life cycles creating space for women to connect with each other and feel the universal sense of belonging to grow and shine. With that intention, she offers prenatal yoga, as well as classes for moms of all ages. Furthermore, she hosts mom circles on a monthly base.

She encourages all her students to trust their abilities to live fully, true to their heart. 

Karin is joyful and playful. She enjoys dancing, singing and hugs ! Growing up in the Bernese mountains, she also lived for 10 years in Australia before settling in Switzerland. She speaks English, French and Swiss German and lives with her 2 kids in the 1st ever built tiny house in Switzerland!


Georgina Peard

Georgina is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the International Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 200) since 2009, an integrative massage therapist and Heart IQ coach. She teaches a deep, conscious, powerful and inspiring form of yoga with attention to breath, optimal alignment and subtle energy. Her theme-based classes emphasise the effects of practices and sequencing, personal modifications and self-reflection to support a healthy body, calm mind,  deeper connection to and love of self.


She specialises in therapeutic and restorative yoga, integrative massage  sacred circle and small group facilitation to empower you to make conscious choices, access your truth and reveal your innate joy in everyday life.

Georgina began yoga in 2000 as a way to manage stress. She found so much more! After working for 13 years in international organisations and experiencing burn-out, her yoga practice began to give her the tools and access to inner guidance to bring transformation and happiness into her own life.

This being a path of constant evolution, Georgina has a passion to continue her self-enquiry and studies in Heart Intelligence, therapeutic-based yoga disciplines, Shamanism, and healing body arts.

Georgina loves chocolate, mountains, adventure, meditating, dancing, learning and dreaming. From Ireland originally, and after living in 7 different countries, she settled in Switzerland in 2000. She speaks English and French.

Georgina offers therapeutic massage (bookings directly with Georgina), individual yoga therapy, group classes, workshops and retreats, as well as and Heart IQ group work at Elaneha.

She shares learning and reflections on her blog. Find out more about her work at:


Neela Sheth (BAMS + Doctor of Medicine(M.D.) in Ayurveda)

Dr Neela Sheth, a postgraduate in Ayurveda from reputed University of Pune in India, is a well known ayurveda practitioner and health & lifestyle consultant. She is a thorough professional with a deep passion and interest for the science of Ayurveda, yoga and cultural diversity. She has the right blend of skills gained from her experience in various areas of clinical practice, yoga and academics. Specifically, over 8 years of specialized coaching and 7 years of clinical experience, as well as research work in the area of herbo- mineral drugs.

Neela firmly believes that Ayurveda principles are valid beyond geographical boundaries. Applied with a proper understanding of one's lifestyle, culture and environment, Ayurveda can result in very positive effects. Neela's holistic approach combining medicine, lifestyle, personal health and stress management, with Ayurveda therapies and Yoga has led to good results to individuals across geographies.

Neela excels in personalizing Ayurveda principles to individual needs making the treatment practical and easyto implement on a daily base. The simple approach to solve root cause of problem rather than only treating the symptoms includes understanding a person's diet, lifestyle, culture, family, profession and stress drivers and addressing one's uniqueness.

Her cultural values drives her to continuously keep enhancing her knowledge as she firmly believes that a true Ayurveda practitioner is always a "Shishya" (Student) as this 5000 years old science has lot to offer and one life is not enough to grasp it all.

Neela lives in Switzerland since 2009 with her husband and daughter Krishna.


Nelly Courvoisier

After several years of yoga practice, Nelly Courvoisier achieved her yoga Teacher Training Course with Yogalife (RYT-200) in 2016.

Her hatha yoga classes, often oriented with a theme that targets self-development, emphasize the importance of the breath and include pranayama practices. According to the theme, her classes can be dynamic to make circulate or increase the energy; or more gentle, aiming at being fully conscious of what is happening here and now. Nelly knows well the benefits of restorative yoga and yoga nidra, and likes to end her classes with a complete relaxation of the body and the mental. In any case, she adapts to the actual needs and possibilities of each student.

Nelly discovered yoga during her second pregnancy, while finishing her PhD in social psychology. Since then, she daily feels the benefits of this practice on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. When she experienced burnout in 2013, yoga was the privileged mean by which she reconnected with her body and soul, to live harmoniously in a word with ever increasing external stimulations. In 2014, she decided to stop her academic career and to reorient her activities towards what passionates her heart: sharing, openness to others, and the inner path she follows with yoga !

Nelly speaks French, English and Italian. She is curious, generous and a smiling person. She likes as much sharing numerous moments with her friends and family than contemplating the constantly evolving nature. She likes writing, dancing, playing with her children and watch them discover the world, dreaming loud of travels with her husband and, at the end of the discussion, taking a deep breath and realizing that the journey is here and now.


Nuno Miguel

He was born on the sunny shores of Portugal in 1973. Ever since he remembers he has been a calm person, enjoying silence and nature. Although he was already very interested by spiritual matters in his late teens, he graduated from university with a degree in computer science. Soon after completing his studies, reading frantically dozens of books, he started slowly but surely to actively study and practice yoga and Reiki.

Between 2003 and 20005, Nuno Miguel completed the 3 levels of Reiki certification. And one day, his path crossed someone who practiced ayurveda. He knew he had found his true calling; he completed an ayurveda massage certification and practiced ever since.

And thus started his wonderful journey as an ayurvedic masseur therapist that brought him to Elaneha.


Wiebke Trepp

Wiebke had her first Yoga experience in the United States in 2008. Following an 8-week-introductory course, the regular practice became an important part of her life. She felt much happier and relaxed as well as at ease with the entire life and its circumstances. The regular Yoga routine increased her patience, helped her balance a stressful job and her personal life and provided tools to get through challenging phases in her life. She rediscovered the pleasure of connecting to other people and her environment. 

She quit working in an international environment at the end of 2014. The following completion of the Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 (Yogalife, RYT-200) fulfilled a long-cherished dream. She now finds teaching yoga is not just a big joy but a great privilege as it is a never-ending story of giving and receiving. During her classes, she supports a non-judgemental and non-competitive atmosphere. She is convinced that every little improvement in different poses, either physically or mentally, have a positive effect, create more intense sensations and increase self-awareness. During her classes, her goal is to help her students to detach from their daily routine and to reconnect with oneself in the present moments.

Originally from Germany, Wiebke speaks German, English, French and Spanish.


Suzanne Amrein

Suzanne discovered yoga at the end of the 90s’ at the Geneva Sivananda yoga center. She was rapidly convinced of the benefits of a regular practice and, over the years, deepened her knowledge with different teachers, discovering more and more of the subtleties of yoga.

During a yoga retreat in the Austrian Alps in 2014, Suzanne realised that she wanted to share the knowledge she had acquired with others. She completed a hatha yoga teacher training in 2015 (Yogalife, RYT-200) followed by an additional training in yin yoga in 2016 (With-Yin Yoga, 50 hours).

Suzanne's classes combine postures and conscious breathing, thereby developping a meditative practice allowing self-discovery. She gently guides her students, offering variations so that each person can progress and integrate the practice at his/her own rythm.

Of Swiss and English nationality, Suzanne teaches in French and in English and looks forward to sharing this inner journey with her students.