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Workshops at Elaneha give you the chance to dive deeper into your practice or explore something totally new.  

Weekend retreats are our favourite type of treats! They offer time and space to relax, refresh and get inspired in beautiful surroundings. 


Workshops and events: 

  • 19 September - Empower Yourself! Yoga with Karin
  • 24 September - Special Guest Teacher - Mary Bruce
  • 8, 15, 22, 29 October - From fear to love with Anne-Françoise
  • 1 November - Meditation with Philippe
  • 7 November - Rest to Rise with Georgina
  • 8 November - Bhakti Yoga with David Gaillard
  • 29 November - Meditation with Philippe


Residential Yoga Retreats in the French Jura:

  • 8-11 October: Rest to Rise Retreat in English
  • 12 - 15 November: Rest to Rise Retreat in French



Ateliers découvertes " Méditation "

 Les dimanches: 6 septembre - 1 novembre -
   29 novembre 2015 (9h30-12h00)

 Animés par Philippe Dossios (only French)  

L'objectif est de vous amener à ressentir, dès le début de la pratique, les effets positifs de la méditation en vous enseignant des techniques qui ont fait leurs preuves au cours des siècles.

Après avoir mis au point une technique de relaxation pour préparer les élèves à l’examen du permis de conduire par stage dès les années 1975, Philippe Dossios, devenu par la suite naturopathe, praticien en PNL et en Neuro-Sémantique, n’a cessé depuis cette époque d’être passionné par l’équilibre du corps et de l’esprit. Il s’est formé à différentes techniques de relaxation, sophrologie, yoga nidra, puis à la méditation qu’il pratique depuis 35 ans.

Les recherches de Philippe Dossios l’ont mené à rencontrer des Maîtres de la tradition indienne, (Sri Chinmoy de l’Ashram de Sri Aurobindo) (Ranjit Maharaj de Bombay, condisciple de Nisagadatta Maharaj) du Zen (Taisen Deshimaru) et du bouddhisme tibétain (Gendun Rinpoche).

Plus d’infos : 079 637 60 25 (Philippe)

Témoignages: www.mé 

Prix : CHF 55 par cours (possibilité de faire qu’un cours)

Réservation :


Weekly classes with Béatrice Engeli


13:30 - 14:30  for 4 to 7 year olds

15:00 - 16:00 for 8 to 11 year olds

Yoga for kids is all about fun games and exercises. It helps kids to:

  • become aware of their bodies
  • become aware of their personnality and emotions. 


Yoga helps them to develop, towards themselves and others, compassion, respect, responsability, autonomy, and creativity.

Participation: CHF 200 for 10 classes until 16 December. CHF 170 per child when 2 children per family. CHF 25 for one-off class.

Reserve your place: / 079 785 1572

Past workshops and events

A retreat for deep rest and relaxation 

with Georgina Peard

Restore your body – Restore your life

8 - 11 October 2015, Les Serans (Eng)
12 - 15 November 2015, Les Serans (Fr)

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected or burnt-out? Are you physically, mentally or emotionally depleted? I invite you to pause a moment to rest. Take a journey deep within. Reconnect with your inner wisdom and access the source of your healing. Rest to Rise is a programme that supports you to rest deeply. It empowers you to restore your health, energy, clarity, compassion, joy and zest for life.

Let your mind rest. Let your body replenish. Let your heart open. Let your soul catch up with you.

 For further information click here
For bookings please contact: 
tel. 079 219 4407, email:



The art of deep relaxation

Restshop with Georgina Peard

Saturday, 7 November 2015, 14h00 - 17h00

 Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected or burnt-out? Are you physically, mentally or emotionally depleted? I invite you to slow down and pause a moment. Breathe. Take a journey within. Reconnect with your inner wisdom. Rest to Rise supports you to rest deeply. It empowers you to restore your health, energy, clarity and compassion. This is your opportunity to reclaim your joy and zest for life!

Restorative Yoga  -  Yoga Nidra  -  Respiration  -  Méditation

English & Français. No yoga experience necessary.

Contribution: CHF 70.- 

Reserve your spot: / 079 219 4407


Special four-week workshop with Anne-Françoise Potterat

A creative emotional journey 
from fear to love

Thursdays, 8, 15, 22, 29 October (19h30 to 21h00) 

In this deep and playful 4-week series, using the emotional kaleidoscopic mandalas, we will witness emotions as guiding stars to the True Being within. We will tap into our Creative Inner Star through inspired movement and supported creativity (drawing and writing in colors). After each class, every one will take home their own empowering mandala. 

This class is for everyone who desires to be love, to give voice to their inner artist, to get answers and/or to receive a guiding vision. 

Price: Art materials are provided for this workshop series so there is a slight extra charge.

  • With a yoga pass = 4 class passes plus 44 CHF extra. 
  • Without the yoga pass = CHF 170. 
  • One session with yoga pass = 1 class + CHF 20
  • One session without yoga pass = CHF 55.


As this is a deepening and profound evolutionary process, it is best to attend the four sessions.

More information: 079-947-2090




Special Guest Teacher: Mary Bruce

Thursday 24th September, 19h15-21h00

Recently at the Geneva Yoga Music Festival, Mary has kindly agreed to teach a special class at Elaneha. This class will be in English, and will include slow vinyasa to break up density and tension and find freedom in the body, pranayama to soothe the mind culminating in deep nidra rest and meditation on the light within the heart.

With a depth of knowledge in the energetics of tantra hatha (ParaYoga® lineage) along with biomechanical principles of alignment, Mary offers students a supreme way to practice. Practicing since 1995 and teaching since 1997, her teaching includes all the elements of a meaningful and balanced practice: attention to detail (alignment), awareness of breath (pranayama), connection with divine source (bhavana), intelligent sequencing (vinyasa krama), as well as, Ayurveda, visualization, meditation, mantra and more.  Mary is dedicated to creating sacred space where by practicing these techniques, our essential and best self can unfold and flourish.

Price: Two classes on your yoga pass, or CHF 65 for non-members.

Advance inscription necessary:

Empower Yourself

Workshop with Karin Zurbrügg
Saturday 19 September, 14h-17h

We all sometimes feel powerless and overwhelmed by situations, feelings, people. In this yoga workshop Karin is eager to share tools of pranayama (breathwork), mantras and movement in order to shift our thinking and feelings.

Let us let go of what doesn't serve us and take back our power!

In english and french. CHF 70

Claim your space: