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Workshops at Elaneha give you the chance to dive deeper into your practice or explore something totally new.  

Weekend retreats are our favourite type of treats! They offer time and space to relax, refresh and get inspired in beautiful surroundings. 


Workshops and events 2015: 

  • 04 July - Yoga at the Beach
  • 11 July - SUPrana, Stand Up Paddle and Yoga
  • 18 July - Yoga at the Beach 
  • 22 August - Yoga at the Beach
  • Kids Yoga


Residential Yoga Retreats 2015:

  • 8-11 October: Rest to Rise Retreat in English
  • 12 - 15 November: Rest to Rise Retreat in French



SUPrana workshop

with Cedric Reynard (Waterwalk) & Georgina Peard

Rolle beach, Saturday, 11th July, 09h30 - 16h00

« Prana » means life force, the vital energy that makes up all life. In yoga we play with, stimulate and channel prana in our bodies through our breath (pranayama), postures, sound, and so on. Water holds abundant amounts of this pure life force energy, and thus helps us to relax, come home to ourselves and re-energise. Combining Stand up Paddle and Yoga allows us to joyfully and playfully open to the force of nature within us. We will refine our awareness of Prana and merge with our environment as we connect to the water, our breath and our bodies. Bliss ! 

English and French. Weather permitting.

 CHF 150 (includes board rental). 

Sign up: / 079 219 4407


 Yoga at Rolle Beach

Saturdays, 4 and 18 July, 22 August 2015

08h00 - 09h15

Open to all. Weather permitting. Georgina: 079 219 4407.

CHF 20 when you come. 

We meet beside the Paddle Center / Pedalos. 


New weekly classes with Béatrice Engeli

Starting Wednesday 26 August 2015

13:30 - 14:30  for 4 to 7 year olds

15:00 - 16:00 for 8 to 11 year olds

Yoga for kids is all about fun games and exercises. It helps kids to:

  • become aware of their bodies
  • become aware of their personnality and emotions. 


Yoga helps them to develop, towards themselves and others, compassion, respect, responsability, autonomy, and creativity.

Participation: CHF 200 for 10 classes until 16 December. CHF 170 per child when 2 children per family. CHF 25 for one-off class.

Reserve your place: / 079 785 1572

A retreat for deep rest and relaxation 

with Georgina Peard

Restore your body – Restore your life
Step into 2015 with more ease, grace and joy.

8 - 11 October 2015, Les Serans (Eng)
12 - 15 November 2015, Les Serans (Fr)

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected or burnt-out? Are you physically, mentally or emotionally depleted? I invite you to pause a moment to rest. Take a journey deep within. Reconnect with your inner wisdom and access the source of your healing. Rest to Rise is a programme that supports you to rest deeply. It empowers you to restore your health, energy, clarity, compassion, joy and zest for life.

Let your mind rest. Let your body replenish. Let your heart open. Let your soul catch up with you.

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For bookings please contact: 
tel. 079 219 4407, email: