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Workshops at Elaneha give you the chance to dive deeper into your practice or explore something totally new.  

Weekend retreats are our favourite type of treats! They offer time and space to relax, refresh and get inspired in beautiful surroundings. 


Upcoming workshopsevents: 

  • An Introduction to Yoga with Georgina - 7 and 27 September.
  • Live Life from the Heart with Georgina - 28 September, 12 October.
  • Cultivate self and universal love Yoga workshop with Karin, 4 October.
  • Meditation I & II with Philippe - next dates to be confirmed.


Upcoming Retreats:


An Introduction to Yoga

A half-day workshop with Georgina

New to Yoga? Need some basics to get started ? 
Curious to know if it’s right for you? 

Next workshops:
Sunday, 7 September 2014 (09h30-12h30)
Saturday, 27 September 2014 (15h00-18h00)

This fun and informal workshop is suitable for complete beginners and for anyone looking to learn about the fundamentals of yoga. 

We slow it down, break it up, play around and take all the funky words and seriousness out of it so that you can find what works for you and ask all the questions you've never dared to ask! This is Yoga 101.

You will learn :

  • Basic yogic breathing for health and awareness (pranayama)
  • Key yoga postures for strength, flexibility and balance (asanas)
  • Simple sequences synchronising breath and movement
  • Tips for deep healing rest
  • What type of yoga is right for you
  • Why yoga can be a life-changing practice
  • 10 keys to making yoga work for you and your life

We will focus on how to practice in a safe way for your body, highlighting the potential benefits. On completion you will be ready to attend a regular basic group class. You won't be more flexible and you probably won't be be completely transformed, but you may well feel joyful and discover muscles that you never knew existed before!! 

Participation: CHF 65

BONUS!! Join any two group yoga classes at Elaneha the week after the workshop absolutely free.

Book your space: / 079 219 4407



The Path of the Heart Warrior

 Live Life from the Heart

Connect with Yourself, with Others, with Your Joy

One-day retreats with Georgina Peard

Sundays, 28 September (Fr), 12 October (Eng)
9h30 - 16h30

Do you want to feel alive and full of joy? Live with passion and clarity? Are you ready to show up authentically and follow your heart? To move beyond limiting beliefs and habits that hold you back in life? Have you done lots of personal development and are now you looking for truly supportive, meaningful relationships and authentic community?

Heart intelligence allows you to know yourself without making any part of yourself wrong. Tune in to your inner wisdom and get clear on what you want. Open, listen to and dare to follow your heart. Courageously expand into your fullness. Be present and real with others. Receive more love. Let more of life in and more of you out!!

In a circle of 4-6 people we practice opening, listening to, following and communicating from the heart. This is not yoga workshop, but it is a beautiful complement to our personal and individual practice! It is a facilitated Heart Circle with Georgina, who is the first Heart IQ Coach trained by Christian Pankhurst in Suisse Romande. Find out more about it at

Participation: CHF 100.  Reserve your space:

More info (Georgina): 079 219 4407

Cultivate self and universal love

Yoga Workshop with Karin Zurbrügg

Saturday 4th of October 2014 13h-16h

 Everyone has doubts, wounds and issues. What if rather than trying to “get rid of them” we learn to embrace our perfect imperfection and draw strength from our vulnerability?

Drawing from the wisdom of renowned meditation teacher Sally Kempton, using heart opening postures and practicing awareness, this workshop is for everyone wishing to generate more self-love and ultimately love around them.

 This is the first of a serious of workshops on this theme, join individually or all 3

In English and French, for all levels.

Attention! Yoga can cause feelings of happiness !

Reserve your space - Price : CHF 65 or call Karin 078 659 84 81




Meditation classes I & II

Next dates will be announced soon

Note: These classes will be in French only!

Certains Maitres disent que méditer c’est  simplement s’assoir et rester tranquille.

Malgré cette simplicité apparente, notre esprit est parfois tellement confus qu'il nous est impossible de rester concentré et tranquille ne serait-ce que quelques instants. De cette constatation sont nées à travers le temps des techniques visant à reprendre le contrôle de notre propre esprit, dans notre langage plus moderne on pourrait dire, reprendre la télécommande de notre esprit.

Vous apprendrez des techniques de méditation qui ont fait leurs preuves au cours des siècles ainsi que des méthodes modernes de lâcher-prise. L'objectif des cours est d'amener les participants à ressentir dès le début les effets positifs de la méditation.

  • Méditation et visualisation (comment utiliser votre esprit d'une manière constructive)
  • Relaxation et Yoga Nidra (préparer votre corps pour mieux libérer votre esprit)
  • EFT- SET (emotional freedom techniques) pour lâcher-prise et libérer votre mental et vos émotions avant de méditer. Applicable en toutes les circonstances de votre vie personnelle et professionnelle.
  • Qi Gong des 8 pièces de Brocard (8 mouvements très simples, qui selon la légende, auraient été élaborés par Bodhidharma vers le Ve siècle au monastère Shaolin, repris au XIIe siècle par le général Yue Fei qui les développa pour améliorer la santé de ses soldats. Une forme de méditation en mouvement.
  • Méditation Présence & Conscience (un must, juste être pleinement présent et conscient)


More details about Philippe:
Info: 079 637 60 25 and  

Reserve your space at

CHF 50 per class. No previous experience necessary.