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Workshops at Elaneha give you the chance to dive deeper into your practice or explore something totally new.  

Weekend retreats are our favourite type of treats! They offer time and space to relax, refresh and get inspired in beautiful surroundings. 


Upcoming workshops and events: 

  • 2 November: Loving What is... Yoga workshop with Karin.
  • 15 November: Live Life from the Heart, Heart Circle with Georgina.
  • 23 November: Do Less and Be More, Restorative Yoga with Georgina.
  • 13 December: Shining Love and Light on our Shadows, Yoga with Karin.


Shining love and light onto our shadows to come into our fullness! 

 Yoga workshop with Karin Zurbrügg

Saturday, 13th December 13h – 16h

Everyone has "shadows" wounds, shame, and things we would rather not show. By owning our vulnerable parts, shining love and light onto our shadows, we have the possibility to come into our fullness.

Drawing from the wisdom of renowned meditation teacher Sally Kempton and using heart and body opening postures, shifting the possible trapped energy, this practice has immense potential to bring us back into our real, full self.

In English and French, for all levels.

Attention! Yoga can cause feelings of happiness !

Price : CHF 65.- Reserve your space: or tel. Karin 078 659 84 81


Awaken the Heart Warrior Within
Live Life from the Heart

 Conscious group practice with Georgina Peard

More dates coming soon for 2015!!

Experience and practise what it really means to live life from the heart.

Following the Heart IQ Method developed by Christian Pankhurst, this is a powerful transformative and joyful group practice which allows you to acclerate your personal awakening. It does this by harnessing the power of group dynamics and the amplified energy field, and the safety, sacredness and joy generated by conscious, heart-centred people coming together in circle and being completely real!

In a small group you get to explore and know yourself; tune in to your inner wisdom and get clear on what you want; discern what is your truth from your conditioning; dare to follow your truth and show up as your true self in every day life; let more love in and practice communicating and expressing from your heart.

This is a practical experience of authentic relationship. There is no 'choreography' to learn. There is no 'therapy', analysing, fixing or advising. There is no silver bullet. You get to be with what is real in the now moment and intuitively follow what allows you to open, listen to, follow and communicate from your heart.

In life we are not alone. Our hurts, shame and traumas all occured in relation to other people. Therefore it is with others that we heal and begin to feel free in life. This is not yoga workshop, but it is an critical complement to a personal individual practice of personal and spiritual development, so that we may truly LIVE our yoga!

Georgina is the first certified Heart IQ Coach in Suisse Romande trained by Christian Pankhurst. Find out more about it at

Participation: CHF 80 for first timers, CHF 70 thereafter.
Reserve your space:

More info (Georgina): 079 219 4407